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Click HERE for 2024 Fair & Show Requirements - Be sure to stay up to date on any changes

Superintendent: KarieLyn DiStefano

34 Mt. View Ave
North Kingstown, RI 02857
Email Here

Animals will be accepted Thursday from 10am - 8pm

NOTE – The SHEEP SHOW will be held on SUNDAY - 10:00 A.M

Fitting & Showmanship, Lead Line Junior & Open Sheep Shows



PREMIUMS 1st - $16,  2nd - $14, 3rd - $12, 4th - $10





LOT 1 Yearling Ram - One year, under two. See rule 8.
LOT 2 Pair of Yearling Rams
LOT 3 Junior Ram Lamb - Born on or after Jan. 1, 2023 or date set by breed association.
LOT 4 Senior Ram Lamb - Born after September 1, 2022 but before Junior Lamb date
LOT 5 Pair of Ram Lambs
LOT 6 Yearling Ewe - One year, under two. See rule 8.
LOT 7 Pair of Yearling Ewes
LOT 8 Junior Ewe Lamb - Born on or after Jan. 1, 2023 or date set by breed association
LOT 9 Senior Ewe Lamb - Born after September 1, 2022 but before Junior Lamb date
LOT 10 Pair of Ewe Lambs
LOT 11 Exhibitor's Flock - Five sheep all owned by the exhibitor; 1 ram any age, 2 yearling ewes, 2 ewe lambs.
LOT 12 Breeder's Flock - Five sheep all bred and owned by the exhibitor; 1 ram any age, 2 yearling ewes, 2    ewe lambs.
LOT 13 Get of Sire - Three sheep any age, the get of one ram, bred and owned by the exhibitor, both sexes represented.
LOT 14 Heavy Weight Market Lamb
LOT 15 Light Weight Market Lamb
LOT 16 Grade Ewe - Any age shown only by exhibitors 18 years or under and entering no purebred sheep in the show.
LOT 17 Lead Line - To be divided into age groups on day of show.


LOT 18 Novice Fitting & Showmanship - Exhibitors in their first year of showing sheep.
LOT 19 Youth Fitting & Showmanship - Class groupings to be decided day of show.


1.  Entry is first come first penned and not official until entry fees are received and are due June 30th.  Entries received after that date will be accepted on a space available basis.  Entry Fee $1 per animal for Open.  You must fill out a separate entry form for each show and breed of sheep you are entering and list that breed in the proper space on the form.  Classes will be held for any breed of sheep with a recognized registry according to rule 7.  Youth may show in both shows after paying appropriate entry fees.

2.  Exhibitors must furnish their own feed, hay and bedding.  ALL SHEEP (OPEN & JUNIOR) MUST BE PENNED BY 9 A.M. ON THE MORNING OF THE SHOW.  Exhibitors in the scraple program are responsible for meeting the current program requirements.

3.  All sheep must be accompanied by an official state health certificate and meet the current regulations issued by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture.  ALL sheep must have current rabies vaccination and USDA or state approved ear tags in place.  Health papers must be available at all times at the request of the committee and must be shown prior to unloading animals.

4.  All entries must be clean and properly fitted.  Wool breed sheep must be shown with sufficient fleece length to allow them to be properly judged.

5.  All sheep, except those entered in Lots 14-16, must be registered with their appropriate breed registry. Certificates of Registry must accompany each animal and be available to the committee on request.  Sheep acquired recently with insufficient time for registration transfer will be accepted on the basis of proof of ownership by a sales slip, copy of the transfer papers and the health papers.

6.  Exhibitors are limited to two breeds and may have no more than two animals per class and one entry in group classes.  Sheep owned by a partnership are considered as one exhibitor.  Anyone showing in a partnership is considered an exhibitor for that breed and may not show the same breed as an individual.

7.  A complete set of breed classes will be held for breeds represented by two or more breeders.  An exhibitor must be showing five or more sheep of any one breed to be considered a breeder of that breed.  Breeds represented by only one exhibitor will be combined a the discretion of the committee or placed in AOB classes.  AOB may be split at the discretion of the committee in to meat and wool type.

8.  Age of animals will be figured as o f September 1st, but lambs may have only lamb's teeth and yearlings may show no more than four permanent teeth.

9.  Animals shown in group classes must have been shown in breed class.

10.  Owner or shepherd must be present at the time of judging.

11.  The committee reserves the right to reject any entry for health reasons.

12.  Sheep may be shown in hand o r in halter.

13.  Market Lambs must be slick shorn and will be sorted by the judge for weight class once in the ring.  Animals shown in breed classes may not be shown as Market lambs.

14.  To ease procedures at the gate, all people over 12 entering the Fair Grounds will be charged admission.  The Superintendent will reimburse exhibitors and issue appropriate passes at the time of registration.

15.  Release time will be at the discretion of the committee and staggered with those having the farthest to travel being allowed to leave first.  Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their own pens and will be given permission to leave by a committee member.  Any exhibitor removing their sheep from the barn without permission will forfeit all premiums.

16.  Lead Line will be judged using the score card of the New England 4-H Sheep Show at Eastern States Exposition, available online in the 4-h Sheep Packet.  The contestant shall wear an outfit of minimum 80% wool fiber content.  No jeans allowed.  The percentage of the outfit worn composed of wool will affect the score.

**NEW**  Animal Costume Class on Sunday!!

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