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Click HERE for all updated 2024 Show Requirements!!
Be sure to stay informed of any changes.

Cattle Show


Superintendent: Mike &Elisha Riley, Abbie Whitford



Entry Information

All entries are due by June 1, 2024


Entry fee is $2.00 and must be included in entry


Click here for PDF of all Classes


Class L Fitting & Showmanship 1st 25.00, 2nd 20.00, 3rd 15.00. 4th 10.00, 5th 5.00, 6th 5.00

Age as of January 1st

Lots 1-4 must be owned or leased and shown in one class by exhibitor.


Lot 1 Senior Showmanship Ages 15-19

Lot 2 Intermediate Showmanship Ages 12-14

Lot 3 Junior Showmanship Ages 9-11

Lot 4 Novice Showmanship First Year Showing

Lot 5 Pee-Wee Showmanship (up to 7 years old)

Lot 6 Over the Hill Showmanship Over 19 (Ribbons Only)

Overall, Showman Beef Award donated by Little Brook Farm, North Stonington, CT

Overall, Showman Dairy Award donated by Briar Berry Farm, West Greenwich, RI


Class M Dairy Show 1st 25.00, 2nd $20.00, 3rd $15.00, 4th $10.00

Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn


Lot 1 Junior Heifer Calf 03/01/2024-05/31/2024

Lot 2 Winter Calf 12/01/2023-02/28/2043

Lot 3 Fall Calf 09/01/2023-11/30/2023

Lot 4 Summer Yearling 06/01/2023-08/31/2023

Lot 5 Spring Yearling 03/01/2023-05/31/2023

Lot 6 Winter Yearling 12/01/2022-02/28/2023

Lot 7 Fall Yearling 09/01/2022-11/30/2022 (if freshened must show in 2-year-old class)


Junior Champion

Reserve Junior Champion


Lot 8 2-year-old 09/2021-08/2022

Lot 9 3-year-old 09/2020-08/2021

Lot 10 4-year-old 09/2019-09/2020

Lot 11 5-year old 09/2018-09/2019

Lot 12 Aged Cow (before 09/01/2019

Lot 13 Dry Cow (Any Age)

Lot 14 Best Udder (Lots 8-11)


Senior Champion

Reserve Senior Champion

Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion

Supreme Champion, Reserve Supreme Champion



Lot 14 Daughter/Dam (1 cow and 1 female offspring)

Lot 15 Produce of Dam (2 females from the same cow)

Lot 16 Get of Sire (3 animals, the get of one sire)

Lot 17 Best 3 Females (Any age, must be owned by the exhibitor)

Lot 18 Dairy Herd (4 females, one owner or 1 club)


** Lots 14-18 must be the same breed**


Class N Beef Show 1st 25.00, 2nd $20.00, 3rd $15.00, 4th $10.00

Angus, Hereford, AOB, Crossbreed


Lot 1 Heifer Calf up to 6 months

Lot 2 Heifer Calf 6 months -1 year

Lot 3 Heifer 12-18 months

Lot 4 Heifer 18-24 months


Junior Champion

Reserve Junior Champion


Lot 5 2-year-old cow

Lot 6 3-year-old cow

Lot 7 4-year-old cow

Lot 8 Aged cow


Senior Champion

Reserve Senior Champion

Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion

Supreme Champion

Reserve Supreme Champion


Lot 9 Produce of Dam (2 animals -produce of one dam)

Lot 10 Cow-calf pair (Calf must be under 6 months)

Lot 11 Best 3 Females (any age all owned by the exhibitor)

Lot 12 Get of Sire (3 animals-same sire)

Lot 13 Beef Herd (4 animals one breed, one owner, one club)


** Lots 9-13** must be the same breed in each class


Lot 14 Feeder Calf

Lot 15 Lightweight Steer

Lot 16 Medium weight Steer

Lot 17 Heavy weight Steer


Supreme Champion Steer In Memory of Sally Figdore

Reserve Supreme Steer In Memory of Sally Figdore




 No person will be allowed to interfere with the judging process. The exhibit of any person so interfering will be excluded from competition. Where there is no competition in a class, each exhibit will be judged and placed according to its own merit. Premiums will be paid in accordance with that placement. The judge’s decision is always final. Failure to fulfill all requirements will result in loss of premiums!




  1. All State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture Connecticut Fair and Show Regulations and requirements will be followed regarding all health testing and vaccinations.

  2. Health Charts and ear tags will be checked before animals are unloaded.

  3. Any animal with horns cannot be entered into the Fair.

  4. All animals must be in proper physical condition. Evidence of poor condition, of infectious or contagious disease will result in ejection. The CT Department of Agriculture Livestock inspector's decision is final.

  5.  Any exhibitor/animal displaying major handling issues or unacceptable behavior in the show ring will be asked to leave the show ring and forfeit any premium for that class. This is for the safety of all exhibitors, animals and the public.

  6. Calves under 3 months Animals will be accepted on Thursday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.  They must remain on the grounds until 5:00 pm Sunday unless prior arrangements have been made with the show superintendents.

  7. Exhibitors must rake bedding to center of aisles of barn upon leaving.

  8. old must be separated from the public as stated in the "Emergency Order Concerning the Vaccinations or alternative Confinement of Certain Animals".

  9. No bulls on grounds unless nursing the cow and must be under 6 months of age.

  10. Fair committee will not be responsible for any injuries incurred to anyone or any animals on the grounds.

  11. Proof of animals' age is required. Misrepresentation will cause for disqualification.

  12. Animals left alone and/or not properly attended to will not be allowed to remain on the grounds.

  13. All group classes are by breed.

  14. Steers will be shown by weight and not by breed. They will be weighed Friday morning

  15. Exhibitors may enter two entries in each class.

  16. Exhibitors must furnish feed, hay, and bedding.

  17. Seniors will show first in Showmanship, age as of January 1st.

  18. Premiums will be paid on Sunday.

  19. Grooming chutes must be kept in designated area.

  20. All livestock trailers will be parked in a designated area.  A show superintendent and/or committee member will assist you in parking your trailer.



Animal Costume Parade

Our first annual costume class event, rosettes will be awarded for the categories of funniest, prettiest and most original. Dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, goats, poultry and rabbits may participate.

  • Entries must be submitted to the Cattle Committee by Sunday of the Fair at 11:00 AM.

  • Judging will take place in the Cattle Show Ring later that day at 1:00 PM.

There are 3 classes:

  1. Kids up to 11 years

  2. Juniors 12 – 15 years old

  3. Adults and Young Adults 16 years old and up

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