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                        Superintendents:   Yvonne Johnson / Nan & Donna Lesczczyski

                                                                 Entry Information

                                                        All Entries are due by June 24

                             Entry fee is $2.00 per animal and must be included with entry

                                                  Limit of 10 animals per family or farm

                                                                                                Goat Show Regulations

  1. Goats must have a USDA-approved identification and health certificate issued within 60 days of their first show from an accredited veterinarian.

  2. Copy of Health papers must be sent with entry form.

  3. Animals will be accepted on Thursday from 10 am to 8pm.  Will remain on the grounds until Sunday 5pm. 

  4. Exhibitors may enter two animals in each class.

  5. Each animal is entered in one class only except for group classes.

  6. Group classes will be by breed.

  7. There will be no preshow milk out, however any animal showing excessive udder distension will be excused from the show ring.

  8. No intact male goats allowed over 3 months old.

  9. No horned goats allowed except for meat and fiber goats.

  10. All exhibitors need to be able to control their animals while goats are out of their pen. A Correct Fitting Collar is necessary.

  11. All exhibitors are responsible for keeping barn area neat and clean. When done fitting or milking, Please be prompt at cleaning up.

  12. Exhibitors are required to rake out their pens.

  13. All livestock trailers will be parked in a designated area. A show superintendent and/or committee fair member will assist you in parking your trailer.

  •                                                                              Fitting and Showmanship


1st 18.00 – 2nd 16.00 – 3rd 14.00 – 4th 12.00 – 5th 10.00 – 6th 8.00

Classes 3-5 must be owned or leased and shown in one class by exhibitor.


  1. Pee-wee                6 years and under

  2. Novice                   First year showing

  3. Junior                    7 to 10 years

  4. Intermediate        11 to 14 years

  5. Senior                   15 to 18 years

  6. Open                    19 years and up



Alpine - LaMancha – Nigerian Dwarf – Nubian – Oberhasli – Recorded Grade – Saanen – Toggenburg

Fiber and Meat


   Each breed will be judged separately
  1st $18.00 -  2nd  $16.00  -  3rd  $14.00  -  4th  $12.00

                                                                                       Junior Doe Classes

  1. 1-4 months

  2. 4-8 months

  3. 8-12 months

  4. 12-24 months (yearlings never freshened)

                                                                                     Senior Doe Classes

  1. Milkers under 2 years

  2. Milkers 2-3 years

  3. Milkers 4-5 years

  4. Milkers over 6 years

  5. Dry Does (has been in Milk but currently not)


One Champion and Reserve Champion awarded for each breed for JR and Sr Doe classes

Best Junior Doe in Show

Best Senior Doe in Show


                                                                             Group Classes (Shown by Breed)

  1. Dam/Daughter

  2. Best 3

  3. Get of Sire (3 does from same sire- sire must be named) *

  4. Produce of Dam (2 does from the same dam- dam must be named) *

  5. Pet

  6. Pack/Harness (working goat)   

  7. Farm Herd (4 does any breed)

  8. Educational Display


  • Must be owned or shown by Exhibitor*


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