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Chairman: Mike Dibble

Saturday, Starting Time 9:30 a.m. in Pull Ring


  1. This contest is open to boys and girls from 4 to 7 years of age.

  2. Classes will be made up by age group. If there are insufficient entries in any one age group, contestants from the next age group may be added to provide competi­tion. There also may be a “FREE FOR ALL” class.

  3. All contestants will use pedal tractor and transfer sled provided by the NORTH STONINGTON FAIR.

  4. All contestants will be allowed three attempts to pull the transfer sled the furthest distance with a specific weight load.

  5. After all contestants have made their attempts with the initial weight on the sled, addi­tional weight will be added to the transfer sled and all the contestants who qualified in rule 4 will attempt to pull the heavier weight the furthest distance in three attempts.

  6. The winner in each class will be the contestant who pulls the heaviest load the furthest distance.

  7. AWARDS: Winner in each class will receive a trophy and ribbon, second and third place will also get ribbons.

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