Thursday ~ 5:30pm


Entry Fee:  $10 per tractor each hitch
Class sized will include:  3500, 4500, 5500, 6500, 8500, and 10,500 lbs

1.  Each weight class will have two speed pulls.
2.  Tractors can only enter one of the two speeds in each class.
3.  Slow speed between 2 and 4 mph.
4.  Fast speed between 6 and 9 mph.
5.  2 warnings will be issued: if exceeded a third time will result in disqualification of pull.
6.  Must be farm tractor.
7.  One fuel/stock fuel.
8.  Tire size limited to 18.4 width / up to 18.4 38.
9.  No cut tires.
10.  Mandatory wheelie bar.

11.  Cast or steel wheels only.
12.  RPM limited to 20% over factory rated load.  If questioned will be tested.

13.  Weights may not be beyond 3ft in front of tractor.
14.  Tractors must weigh in on grounds day of the pull.
15.  Hitch no more than 20" where hook makes contact to hitch, hitch must be rigid, just extend pass rear axle, min diameter 2.5" to 4" for hook, no side clevis, pin must go through top.

16.  3pt hitch arm may be used as wheelie bars if bolted or chained stationary with pads.

17.  Tractor must be operated in safe manner, driver must remain seated while pulling in pit area.

18.  Entrants between 13-16 years of must be accompanied and supervised by parent.

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